An Adventure

Here I begin. I am writing this entry from business class – yes, you read that right – I am comfortably reclined, listening to HK Pop from a very excellent pair of noise cancelling headphones (definitely need to invest in a pair for future flights), sipping periodically on champagne on a direct flight (~15 hours non-stop from New York to Hong Kong) on Cathay Pacific. Sorry to rub that in – but I’ve never flown business class, and I have to say this unexpected treat is a fantastic way to start my new adventure.

Biz class - where you can recline completely flat, and even when sitting upright there's space to put your feet up, pull the table out (see my champagne?) and have your laptop on your lap.

Biz class - where you can recline completely flat, and even when sitting upright there's space to put your feet up, pull the table out (see my champagne?) and have your laptop on your lap.

Yes, I now adopt the term “adventure.” I previously didn’t quite like the term as used by some friends because I felt it implied whimsy and took away from the seriousness of this trip. On the other hand, as I am finally embarking on what seems like the actual beginning of this trip (in spite of weeks of preparation), I start to see that this is exactly that, an adventure.

It’s completely different from my “ordinary” course of life. It’s challenging, frightening, exciting.

In recent weeks, as evidenced by my lack of writing, I have been extremely busy with both the necessary preparations for the move, which includes seeing many of my truly wonderful friends. It’s been hard to digest whatever emotions have crept in here and there. There have been the negative (see prior posts!), but some very positive too.

Last week, my friend and former colleague Leslie, invited me to lunch at Jean Georges. It was truly festive, and the dining was second to none. More importantly, I was reminded of Leslie’s positive attitude and overwhelming love. She encouraged me to follow her suit, and do whatever it took to build my ideal career. She left our former firm about 5 weeks ago, and has been busily pursuing her own new business as a social media consultant. Also, like me, she lost her mom not too long ago (she more recently than me), and understands all too well that life is too short to not pursue your true wishes.

I left that lunch feeling high as a kite. I began to realize that the world truly can be your oyster, and in today’s world, you can manufacture your own pearls!

This change, this adventure, even, is the product of my desire for new life, new energy. I’m doing something I always wished I had when I was “younger” and am gaining a valuable skill. Most importantly, however, I’m offering myself freely to the world – to let something amazing happen!

So far, even if this may just be the “beginning,” I’ve accomplished so much that I can be proud of. I’m doing something hard: leaving my longtime and beloved home and family is very difficult for me. Last night, when I finally got to bed around 3:30am, I started to feel scared and sad. I just urged myself to get some rest, and reminded myself that I had a return ticket in about 93 days to attend the first wedding in our family in several years. The time will pass quickly and so much awaits.

Between late May and today, or approximately 3 months, I’ve enrolled myself in a strong language program, somehow finagled temporary housing with a total stranger (a friend of Peter’s), acquainted myself with a completely new friend in HK (a friend of Nick’s who happened to visit during what little time of ours overlapped), found a new tenant which thereby released me from my lease obligations, sold or packed all the belongings I’ve amassed in my apartment over the past 5 years, and even got a hold of about a dozen or so feasible leads on housing in Hong Kong. I did all that on my own! Of course I credit many of my friends, which in itself is one of the greatest things to be proud of, because honestly, I have some pretty awesome friends who truly make me feel blessed – but in a sense, I also laid the karmic seeds that led me to many of those accomplishments too.

So T-13 hours, and my next entries will be from the ground in Hong Kong!


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