The Student Life Is So Grand!

Now here for two weeks officially and am feeling increasingly settled in.  I have a home, where I can do whatever I please, and I have a routine of Chinese classes five days a week, where I’ve become acquainted with two particular classmates (Evert and Bianca).

Today in speech preparation class, we did an exercise where we used the lesson as a skeleton to make a speech about ourselves (it seems this is how we will end every class).  This first lesson was on introducing yourself, explaining who you are, what you did, why you came to the university to study Chinese, what you hope to do afterwards.

I really enjoyed doing the exercise and listening to my other classmates tell me more about themselves (turns out quite a few of the ladies are in their 30s).  And in yesterday’s News class, I was very interested in critically reading the passage and even telling the teacher how the lesson could be rewritten to be less confusing for the student.

Also, each night as I prep for the next day’s class I again find myself rather enthusiastic about learning and figuring out Chinese (it takes me quite some time now since I’m still so unfamiliar/out of practice with the simplified characters).   Today it dawned on me that I quite like being a student again, particularly studying this course that I find really interesting.  It truly is great fun, and I feel I’m getting a lot of each lesson!

At the same time, I have an eye on looking for a job here in HK (or who knows where else opportunity might arise).  As I mentioned in my previous post, the lives of the expat bankers/lawyers I’ve been hanging out with are vastly different, and as these new friends invite me out to junks or fancy supper clubs, I yearn to make some money so I can better afford these fun activities (which are exceedingly cheap compared to what similar activities would go for in NY).  Not to mention with the ever-present shopping in HK, I cannot wait to first, get my own proper space where I can fill my closets, and second, buy some great new stuff!

For now, I have to just try to savor every moment of this second chance at studenthood.  I can’t know if I will get another semester (or even two) out of this, so I really ought to live it up!


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