Happy New Year!

Happy 2010 everyone! After weeks of radio silence, I re-emerge, but only briefly.  I am typing this post “live” for once (I typically sit over a post for a while, and will edit a bit before hitting “publish”) from Pacific Coffee, a popular coffee chain in HK, with free internet terminals.

I’ve returned from 2 weeks in India, and have plenty to write about, particularly about poverty and the management of 2 billion + people.  But that will have to wait until I finish setting up house in my new sublet up in the Mid-levels, where I have yet to resolve my wifi issues.

Hopefully that will happen end of this week, but first I need to get myself a HK ID card (just for convenience’s sake — without it, I will have to deposit 3,000 HKD foreigner’s fee to get my USB modem from Three Shop).

Back not more than a handful of hours, and soooo much to do.  School starts tomorrow and then I even have a first visitor this quarter and new year on Friday — Namit is coming for a weekend!

Anyhow, to wrap up this post before rushing off to my facial lady for a much needed cleansing after 2 weeks of high pollution (much higher than HK’s!), here are my new year’s resolutions — a real first for me:

1) I will devote 30 hrs per week to the study of Chinese while in school

2) 10 hours a week to exercise/sports

3) 7 hours a week to the job search

4) Blog at least once a week

And any of the above that I skip must be made up that month! So yes, since I was in India til the 10th of the month, I have a lot to make up!  At least I’ve gotten the blogging out of the way for the first week…

I also have some less concrete resolutions, but will wait for another post to tell you about them.

For now, happy 2010 – I am most definitely looking forward to seeing what this year brings us!


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