New Year’s Resolutions – REVISED

Oh dear, so it’s nearly March and I’ve found myself revising my New Year’s Resolutions already — but no, I won’t be dismayed with myself for it.  I basically pared down all my hours requirements by 8 hours a week.  I was finding myself digging myself into a deeper and deeper hole, unable to finish 15 hours of additional Chinese study, 7 hours job-seeking, and 10 hours exercising a week.

Also, upon calculating what that all added up to, in addition to the 25 hours a week I already spend commuting and going to school, I was not giving myself enough time to sleep/eat/do chores/and of course… have fun!  So for what averages out to a little over an hour extra per day, I don’t feel too badly.

In terms of my other New Year’s goals, which I hadn’t yet written on, and alluded to earlier…

The Tattoo I am on track to getting this tattoo I have been contemplating for months now.  I have selected my artist (a fabulous local HK woman), visited for two consultations now, and put down a hefty deposit.  Ink date has been set — March 3rd, 2010!!  I will write more on this another post.

Matters of the Heart I am not sure if I am on track with this.  I have written very little about dating/loving/liasing in HK.  It is actually a pretty deep subject that I have thought about a bit since moving, and would surely arouse much discussion and debate.  In any case, I had heard an Indian celebrity proclaim in a new year’s commercial on Indian tv that his resolution this year was to “spend more time with the people who love me.”  I thought it a very interesting statement.

We often find ourselves pursuing those that we love.  Whether or not these people love us back is a totally separate matter.  But upon hearing this celebrity speak so resolutely about this goal, I saw the seriousness of this statement and thought to adopt it for myself as well.  Have I done good with it?

I can’t really tell yet; as usual I am just doing my best to evade this inescapable vulnerability of humanity.

And with this entry – I am good for the month of February for blogging once a week (I was away in Thailand last week – and I decided that when on holiday, my resolutions must also go on holiday.  I have to enjoy it after all).


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