(Not So) CDotD: 英格蘭 vs. 英國, Chinese I Learned While Watching World Cup

The World Cup IS the sporting event that brings the world together. I have had experience enjoying World Cup from abroad once before — when I was in China in 2006, and let me tell all you Americans out there, it is worth getting out of your homeland to watch some games in a foreign pub or two (or three or four…). While Americans have little to no appreciation for the sport, we know how to be fans — and what’s more fun and educational than cheering and booing with some foreigners (especially the ones we love to hate!)?

So far in Hong Kong, I’ve been impressed with my American contingent who would make great efforts to get out there and support our home team — including the USA v. England match that started at 2:30 am HKT!

I met up with a few of my fave Americans (including Vineet and Jag, but sadly, no Daven) at a British styled pub of all places, Yorkshire Pudding, where I ran into other American friends (Bernie, Ivan — although he is technically a HKer, he grew up in Hawaii), and other insane American fans, including a dude wearing a flag for a cape.

Anyhow, it was not at this particular game, but the rebroadcast of England v. Algeria that I was watching while ellipticalling at the gym where I noticed that “England” was written as “英格蘭” (ying ge lan), which obviously sounds more like England, but I’d always known England to be “英國” (ying guo).

Interesting…. I obviously guessed it — it’s England the country itself versus United Kingdom (although why not call UK something that makes more sense?).  Here’s the link for verification — although you may need your google translator on:  http://ks.cn.yahoo.com/question/1407060601338.html

So yes friends, World Cup is fun and educational!  USA!


One response to “(Not So) CDotD: 英格蘭 vs. 英國, Chinese I Learned While Watching World Cup

  1. The difference between England and the UK can also be seen in Scotland (and Wales and Ireland) where many people root against the English.


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