Differences Bringing Us Together: Russell Peters Was AWESOME

For the grand finale for my visit back to the States, Oli got us and my three sisters tickets to see Russell Peters at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods.  If you haven’t heard of Russell Peters by now, you must go to youtube to check him out immediately.  Classics are “Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad,” and “Be a man” sketches.

RP has a knack for accents and picking up on idiosyncrasies of various ethnicities, starting first and foremost with his own cultural background – Indian.  Born and raised in Canada, he’s grown up with other cultural groups, while experiencing life as a minority. And as his comedy act grew increasingly popular, has had the opportunity to travel all over the world.

When I was first introduced to Peters not too long ago (thanks Namit!), I was utterly awestruck with his impression of a Cantonese person speaking English.  He had the accent down pat – and at the show we attended, he even had a sketch involving a recent visit to Hong Kong (about shopping at TST, among other things), and he really gets every nuance of that accent down! Truly incredible — if you’ve been exposed to this accent as much as I have, then you’d also be completely floored!

Peters is also pretty famous for involving audience members, and over the years his crowd has gotten extremely multi-ethnic — at this show, we learned we were among plenty of Indians, Chinese, lots of Middle Easterners, had a Porto Rican-Korean in the house, and even an Irish guy named Seamus!  Altogether, all these different races, were happily enjoying jokes about our own kind and others’, laughing together as we shook our heads in agreement.

My point in blogging about this here is three-fold: (1) thanks thanks thanks Oliver for getting us tickets!!! It really was special and we all had such fun!; (2) thank thank thanks Russell Peters for continuing to make us all laugh as we agree with your astute mockeries of all of us; and (3) it’s amazing how these differences make us laugh so much and at the same time brings us all together.

Since I left for HK last September, I’ve been blessed to finally visit India, and make trips to Macau, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.  In HK I’ve increasingly been exposed to Aussies, Kiwis, Canadians, Brits, Filipinos, Nepalese, Chinese, and others.  And I can’t agree more with Peters and his “worldly” observations. Getting to know more and more of the world, however, I see quickly how our differences bring us together.  What a wonderful thing!


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