What I Bought For ~$10 This Morning

It’s been a while since I’ve expounded on cost of living in HK, so I thought I’d recite what I’d bought this morning after spin class, at the nearby Chinese supermarket (I call it the Chinese one, because there are more Western-like ones — two big chains in HK are Park N Shop and Wellcome), Kam Bo (also a chain), and for 79 HKD (roughly $10 US) bought:

– 9 bananas (9.20 HKD)

– 4 oranges (10 HKD)

– 3 grapefruit (5 HKD)

– 4 cucumbers

– 2 packages of enoki mushrooms (5 HKD)

– 1 packet of dried spaghetti

– 1 can of chili tuna (7.90 HKD — quite expensive!)

– 1 large roll of vegetarian ham (30 HKD)

All quite healthy foods for a low price (although one might wonder how the produce is grown, etc.).  How much can you get for $10 in your homeland?


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