Quick Addendum Re: Transgender Marriage Case

Just want to make a clarification of a term I misused in my previous post about the transgendered woman who is being thwarted from marrying her boyfriend in Hong Kong — I understood “Queen’s counsel” to mean the lawyer representing the Queen, i.e. the Hong Kong government, which I thought odd, since England had handed over HK in 1997. I learned that “Queen’s Counsel” actually is a title of seniority, which is indicative of expertise, used for English barristers.

The lawyer employed by the HKSAR has this title as she was imported from England to try the case. This is of special import since it indicates how critical this case is to the Government, especially as anyone with the esteemed title of “Queen’s Counsel” (only granted by the Queen of England) will also be rather expensive!

Well let’s see how the case pans out. It was granted two days’ hearing only.


2 responses to “Quick Addendum Re: Transgender Marriage Case

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