Monthly Archives: October 2010

Hong Kong Hatred…Sort Of

I’ve been terribly lax about posting — my New Year’s Resolutions have definitely gone to all hell at this point (I had one where I promised to blog once a week), but I do believe I made a genuine good faith effort that I’m at least not ashamed of.  In any case, as my prior posts intimated, the “Hong Kong Honeymoon” is effectively over for me.  Since my last trip back to NY in July, I see more clearly all the things about my dear hometown that complete me, and all the things about Hong Kong that don’t.

I heard from a few people that as year 2 hits most expats here, a kind of Hong Kong Hatred develops.  The honeymoon ends, the rose tinted glasses are tossed, and suddenly everything starts to annoy you!  That certainly was the case for me even before year 1 officially ended.  I’ve started a number of draft posts on various things that annoy me about HK, but alas, have been too overwhelmed with OLQE studying and now the start of my job to be bothered (sorry!).

And oddly, all this busy-ness has actually tempered my HK Hate, as I find myself transitioning, in a sense, into normalcy.  On the other hand, things aren’t exactly “normal” yet, given that my working life is interrupted with my studies, and that my work in itself isn’t exactly routine either, as my initial tasks are to assist with our launch, and therefore involves a lot of running around outside of our yet to be renovated office.

So where am I now in my whole Hong Kong chapter?  Definitely experiencing a transition of sorts — but where we are headed is still unclear.

OK — probably no blogging til after Head III, November 4!