I Need Me Some COLD!!

Halloween has come and gone, and it was only just recently did the weather finally cool down(we’re talking temperatures in the low 20s — Celsius).  Back in New York, I’d cling onto the very last ounce of Summer, refusing to swap out my flip flops til my toes were frozen.  The day I had to put on a jacket was a sad one, in spite of Autumn being my favorite season of the year.  It’s just that Summers in New York are so precious — free concerts and movies, swing dancing at Lincoln Center, Shakespeare in the Park, ice cream, vacationing — all that good stuff.  So why am I so excited to get me a bit of cold here in HK?

The heat is just way too long here!  “Summer” weather starts as early as April-May, and humidity spikes from June through September, so with such weather conditions  carrying on until late October, it gets tiresome.  Also, cool weather signifies lots of important seasonal changes — back to school, leaves turning, my birthday.  So when it takes THIS long for cooler weather to arrive, I just don’t quite feel right, and all those seasonal changes are oh so important.

I know there will still be a handful of randomly warm days where I will bust out the flip flops and probably wear a tank top without any other covering too, and I’ll appreciate it, but without the cooler air, I feel stuck in time — so I welcome it at long last!

[Did I never mention how obsessed I get with the weather in HK?]


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