You’re Hot and You’re Cold – Last Post for the Year

I do realize it’s been forever and a day since I last blogged,  so I need to put in some real effort to squeeze in what will now be the last entry for the year 2010!

December has been a busy busy month for me.  In addition to continued efforts to rememebr what it’s like to work full-time again, I had the pleasure of enjoying a free trip back to New York on the New York-based firm I work for!  It was a pleasant surprise, as I’d initially had no plans to return for the remainder of the year. 

The firm sponsored said trip in order to get everyone together for the holiday party.  On top of that, I finagled working the whole week from the New York office since my work doesn’t really require me to sit in Hong Kong to do it.  Visiting my beloved New York while working at the same time  did not make it easy to spend time with my family and friends, and unfortunately, I had to miss out on seeing a lot of people.  At the same time, however, I was pleasantly surprised with by a few loved ones I didn’t expect to meet up with in New York (like Susanna from DC and Oliver and Doug from Massachusetts!). 

This time back  I felt a very odd combination of wanting to stay AND wanting to go back to Hong Kong – not like any of my prior two visits, where I really just felt one way or the other.  It was an odd little mix.  I suppose it shows that I’ve really come to make a place for myself in Hong Kong – where I now have a regular full-time job and a boyfriend (oops – perhaps that’s why I’ve been so remiss with blogging?). 

At the same time, it felt completely natural to come to New York and stay awhile as a resident — commuting to work daily, sitting in an office in Midtown, and catching up with all the same friends I often did just a short year and a half ago. Indeed, it was a beautiful feeling.

Then my two younger sisters came to visit for about a week shortly after my return.  It was nice having them here and experiencing my first Christmas in Hong Kong.  Let me tell you, HKers are mad about Christmas — with insane decorations in all of the various shopping malls, Christmas songs playing nonstop (in some premises, the very same one would play on a loop nonstop… err, KFC!), and plenty of babies dressed out in cute Santa-inspired outfits.  How lucky was I to have family with me on this holiday.

Anyway, they both left this morning, and my tiny little studio looks like a tornado just went through it, so I have much cleaning to get to before 1/1/11!

So where am I in terms of figuring out Home?  To be honest, in spite of this new oxymoronic sensation during my last visit, I’m actually even more confused!

More on this in 2011… (Happy Holidays everyone!)


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