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A Happy Chinese New Year Indeed!

And now to wish a Happy Chinese New Year everyone!  And it is especially happy for me now that I’ve received the wonderful news that I passed both Heads I and III of the OLQE!  It has not gone unnoticed that my OLQE posts receive special interest, and that there are anxious readers out there waiting to learn more about this whole process of qualifying as an overseas lawyer in Hong Kong, so I will try to devote more time to the subject.

As promised, the Law Society mailed out the exam results by January 31st.  Whether or not these post results arrived in mailboxes on the day or not I cannot say, as I had already been on the road in Vietnam (more on this later), for the Chinese New Year holidays.  I did, however, see e-mails from my wonderful IP Learning classmates and course administrator by February 1 on the matter, which did put a more than just a bit of a hamper on my holidays, as I’d frequently have nightmares and ill-thoughts of what I’d do if the envelope should contain bad news.

I had to wait 6 whole days before I’d be back in Hong Kong and able to access my mailbox, and that morning’s 22 minutes on the Airport Express felt like an eternity.  Once I opened the mailbox, I found a large envelope with a cover letter that read some thing like this:

Dear Candidate:

Enclosed are your exam results.

Should you wish to appeal your results, the review procedure is enclosed for your reference…

??!! That does not sound good! My heart raced, as I skipped over to the next sheet of paper enclosed, which went a little something like this:


1.  Step one… blah blah blah…
2.  Step two… blah blah blah…

!!! WHY OH WHY???? I immediately tore past that page to meet eye to eye with the next and last page:


Candidate ID: #####

Date: ….2011

Result:     Pass

Heads Taken: I, III

As “clear” as that may seem, it wasn’t that obvious to me that everything was said and done for, on top of my shaking hands, unsteady breath, and nights of nightmares,  so I re-read it a few times until I was certain it meant that I had passed the two Heads I was made to take, and finally was able to breathe!

Good god that was stressful!  But once my heart stopped racing, hands stopped shaking, and joy finally was able to set in,  I happily reported the result to my boyfriend, who had gotten his postive results to the England & Wales qualification exam months before, with a painful series of photo-messages demonstrating the aforementioned 3 pages; called my granny; replied to the emails of my classmates; and informed my entire IP Learning team that I passed!  I was energized to come to work that afternoon in spite of waking up at 4:30am to catch an 8am flight back to Hong Kong from Hanoi, and was walking on air all day!

But happiness can only last so long when it comes to the Hong Kong Law Society… next steps — the LONG and gruelling process towards admission.  More on that to come anxious to-be foreign lawyers!