A Glimmer of Hope — Word from the Law Society!

Yesterday I received a glimmer of hope that my application for admission as a solicitor in Hong Kong is moving along.  The Law Society is notorious for its paper pushing and time consuming ways, made no better by its frequently unanswered telephones and voicemails, so I was not expecting to hear back from them as soon as 9 days since my submission of my Form 1C and Intention to Apply (you can see my earlier post on these steps).

Not surprisingly, the Law Society asked me to make some amendments to two documents (in both instances I’d say my “mistakes” were completely unwitting, and the instructions were not clear as to what they wanted), but on the up side, I hear once my amendments are made and my original certificates of good standing from my home jurisdiction are sent over (direct from the courts, as the Law Society can’t trust anything but!), I should be able to pick up my Form 3 certificate within a matter of days and proceed to the next steps to getting admitted.

I corrected those documents today and won’t be able to get them over to the Law Society tomorrow, but I was also told my certificates of good standing should arrive no later than next week, so fingers crossed that I will be a Hong Kong solicitor yet!


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