The Penultimate Step – I’m Finally Considered Eligible to Be Admitted as a HK Solicitor!

Happy news!  On March 14, I lodged my application for a certificate of eligibility for admission as a solicitor in Hong Kong, and 7 weeks and 1 day later I finally have said certificate! Huzzah!

So what took so long? A variety of matters – one was what may have been miscommunications with my home jurisdictions, who had been instructed to mail my certificates of good standing directly to the Law Society, possibly mail getting lost or being slow, instructions that are unclear – prompting me to have to rewrite or reformulate mere words, different understandings of what words mean — thereby requiring more such rewriting and reformulating.  But after all that, here it is — official word by the Law Society that I am eligible for admission!

As I said, this appears to be the penultimate step — from here I have to make a motion to the High Court, cc’ing the Law Society and the Government with certified copies, for my admission, naming the barrister or solicitor who will move my admission, as well as, surprise surprise, a check for HK$ 1,130 more. 

Assuming there are no objections, I will then pick the next date available (usually Saturdays) and be sure to ready my robe and white shirt with “winged collar and bands” (something I’ve yet to figure out), and then THEN shall the ultimate step come to being admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong.

So excited… !


3 responses to “The Penultimate Step – I’m Finally Considered Eligible to Be Admitted as a HK Solicitor!

  1. I’m so glad you’ve laid out your tortuous path to HK qualification – super helpful! I will follow the same path soon. So after the final High Court robe-and-collar admission step and your official admission afterward…then what? I’ve heard a nasty rumor that the HKLS will not issue a practising certificate to foreign-qualified lawyers who became qualified and admitted in HKG. So you’d only be able to practice HKG law if employed by a local HKG law firm/associated firm and not by a foreign firm – and also your HK qualification could not be counted to balance the 1:1 foreign registered lawyer to HKG solicitor ratio unless you are ’employed’ by the associated HKG law side of the partnership? Do you know anything about this? Because it seems pointless to get the HKG admittance if it means you’ll have to forefeit your foreign firm employment (benefits, pay level) to be able to practice.

    • You’re right – that would be entirely impractical were it true, but thankfully that’s not quite right. This is a fairly complicated subject, and I just happened to be doing some related research on the matter at work. I will try to dedicate a fuller post on the matter in the near future (stay tuned!). My short answer is that the rules set forth by the Law Society are always unclear! You must navigate through several different chapters of the Solicitor’s Guide to Professional Conduct constantly, be aware of Law Society Circulars, and often call the Law Society to see if anyone will answer the phone to listen to your questions. I know this doesn’t really answer your question, but as I said, stay tuned 🙂

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