Working in HK: You Better Get Budgeting!

If you come from the U.S., working in Hong Kong can take some adjusting insofar as getting PAID goes.  First off — your taxes are not taken out directly from your paycheck, so even though the basically flat tax is quite low here, handing over your 15% at once might be a bit traumatizing for the typical American.

Second, it seems that it is quite customary to be paid just once a month! That may mean a hefty clink in the bank that one day a month, but it’s just one day! I loved watching my bank account grow twice a month (heck, sometimes three!).  I suppose it’s not that big of a deal, but it definitely is making me feel particularly antsy as I wait and wait… and wait for that first paycheck after not being paid for a few weeks during my in-between-jobs vacation.



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