Home for the (Chinese) New Year… Finally!

I made it past my 3-month probation period at my new job (these mandatory probational periods are taken a bit more seriously in HK than in NY) and am finally able to take leave.  I planned a rather lengthy 18-day break (19 including the travel day back) – which includes 3 weekends and one 3-day public holiday.

Last year I vowed to be with my family for Chinese New Year come 2012.  I’ve missed it the past two years  since  coming out to Hong Kong in 2009, and do not want to miss out on this important family holiday.  To double-up, a very good friend is getting married the weekend before the holiday in Puerto Rico, so I planned to hit both NY and PR during this holiday.  So now we are dealing with all kinds of weather – cold wintery NY, perfectly warm PR days, and back to moderate HK temps.

Unfortunately – Grandma broke her (second) hip, and now the holidays won’t be the same with her still in recovery.  I’m glad she is doing alright, but once again, a hard reminder that I hate being so far from people that matter most to me.  So now I’ll have to plan to go back to NY once again for Chinese New Year 2013.


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