Hong Kong McDonald’s – Part 1 of 3 (oh yes, it deserves three parts!)

Hong Kong’s McDonald’s is ridiculously cheap.  Granted, standard servings are smaller than in the U.S. (the size of soft drinks and fries in a value meal is smaller in HK than US), but prices are disproportionately lower.  Also, one cannot complain about the wonderful service and settings (many Western fast food restaurants in Asia tend to have much nicer tables/chairs and excellent staff that makes the experience fancier, even!). 

For example, I often like to treat myself to a soft serve cone for a mere HK$2.50 — that’s basically 26 cents!  True, it’s not as tall as a typical serving in the U.S., but it does the trick and more for about a quarter! If I want to get really fancy, I can go for a shake at HK$5 – or 60 cents.  Again, the size is much smaller than the U.S. version, but just as tasty, and definitely far more calorie conscious.

Another wonderful thing about McDonald’s in Hong Kong (not unlike many other Western chains I’m familiar with back in the US)  is that there are some special offerings you won’t find in the U.S. – like the taro root filled deep fried pie (compare with the more typical apple pie), dark meat chicken nuggets (why oh why did they discontinue them ever in the US?), and burgers like the GCB — a grilled chicken thigh meat burger, in special Asian styled pepper sauce, and a double-Fish Filet.

Then let’s not forget the seasonal Prosperity Burger — a burger that comes out especially for Chinese New Year, but is apparently the McRib in Chinese clothing.

But how will I close my potentially over-excited post (1 of 3) on McDonald’s — with the promotional burger that’s really exceeded my expectations — the Mighty Ranger!

It’s a premium beef patty (whatever that means in Mcdonald-land) with some special Asian pepper sauce and mustard sauce (COMBINED!), with bacon (everything is better with bacon), AND a hashbrown! Genius!  And it comes with onion rings!


Did I say a hashbrown was sandwiched in there? I mean that’s just genius.  This is a concept that should have taken off years ago! If you are in Hong Kong and haven’t tried it yet, you better go out and get one now — that there is a special promotional Mushroom Burger coming up (that looks suspiciously like the Mighty Ranger, but without the hashbrown) may mean that our MR days are soon coming to an end!


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