Hong Kong McDonald’s – Part 2 of 3 or CDotD – Hong Kong’s McD’s is the World’s Cheapest!

Obviously I have NOT written a post each day since my pledge on 14 June!  But that’s not an excuse to quit and I can make up my missed days now!   So why not continue with my McDonald’s series, that I started almost 3 months ago!

As I began in that post – McDonald’s in Hong Kong is ridiculously cheap.  In fact, it turns out that it is actually the world’s cheapest! When my colleague told me this, I was floored and began to do my basic internet research right away.

Though it’s true, it’s India’s Maharaja Mac that has the cheapest “Big Mac”  for the past few years running, I don’t think it’s a fair comparison, since it is not made of the same materials (beef).  So in 2011, Hong Kong had the real cheapest burger.  However, just looked up the most current Economist Big Mac Index, and it appears Ukraine has edged HK out by 1 cent!  I won’t let that discourage me on my claim that HK is the world’s cheapest, and even if I’m technically wrong at this moment in time, let’s just agree to say that Hong Kong is one of the world’s cheapest!

Doing my quickie internet research I stumbled upon this very interesting post by another Hong Kong expatriate blogger, and thought anyone interested in more, should check this one out – as it is chock full of interesting information on the impact of McDonald’s in HK since it’s first restaurant opened in 1975.

And indeed, it hints at my third post on McDonald’s in Hong Kong.

(OK, one down, 3 more to go to make quote for June 18!)





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