Hong Kong McDonald’s (Part 3 of 3)/ CDotD – Cheapest Weddings in HK Too!

(And now for make-up post 2/4, and the final HK McDonald’s Post… for now).

So this is hardly a CDotD, as it was first rolled out in January 2011, but in case you haven’t come onto this news — Hong Kong’s McDonald’s offers McWeddings!  And this, my readers, is ano a baked apple pie wedding cake, dress made out of party balloons, kiddie party favors for guests, and of course, catering by McDonald’sther reason why Hong Kong’s McD’s is the cheapest in the world!

Apparently, McDonald’s had been getting up to 10 calls a month  requesting wedding events, since so many HK couples had met or bonded over McD’s — not surprising, it being such a cheap and comfortable hangout.  So given the demand, the fast food chain responded and now couples can take on a variety of wedding packages – ranging from just under $1200 for 50 guests with the “Warm and Sweet Wedding Package,” which includes a baked apply pie cake (i.e., a pile of McD’s apple pies). 

Alas, a few setbacks — no alcohol and the restaurant is not closed for your event, so there will definitely be onlookers and plenty of potential wedding crashers!


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