Waking Up Not Knowing Where You Are

[Now behind 6 posts in my daily writing challenge — this is terrible!]

After my long weekend in Chicago, I headed for my hometown, New York, New York – my favorite city on Earth.  Surprisingly, I have not experienced any of the normal pains of jetlag — I’ve been waking up a bit early, but not too early, and able to get through the day without aching for a nap, and sleeping quite late!  I don’t know what I did this go around, but I have to figure it out.

Anyhow, this morning, at about 5:30am a heavy but acute thunderstorm rolled in and woke me from my subconsciousness.  I had heard about Typhoon Doksuri approaching Hong Kong this weekend and for some reason thought that the NY thunderstorm was the typhoon and that I was actually in Hong Kong and about to get excused from going into the office that morning.

But no – I was indeed in NY, on vacation with no work to go to and if I were in HK, I would be lamenting how this potentially signal 8 typhoon was only going to hit HK at midnight on a Friday!

Once I made these realizations I just rolled back to sleep.


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