CDotD: Goodness Me – How Much is a Stamp?

I had to send a letter today from the US and had to look up the cost of a first class postage stamp as I have not mailed a letter from within the US in years.  I’m pretty sure last I had to it was 41cents (and the cheapest stamp I remember in my lifetime was about 25 cents).  So can you imagine the shock I experienced when I learned it had gone up to 45 cents!

To even greater surprise the international postage had broken a dollar at $1.05!

Of course this must be dull news to my American readers, but to contrast, international postage in HK is only about 36 cents! I believe local postage is only a few cents cheaper, but I rarely use local mail for my own usage, so I’m not sure.

For me, the cost of US mail is crazy, but for you, the low cost of HK mail might be what’s crazy!


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