Writing Challenge FAIL!

Today marks 30 days since my promise to post a new entry for each day for 30 days.  Including THIS post, I only made it to 23!  I wish I could have met my challenge, and admit to failing quite badly, but I have to admit, 23/30 ain’t too bad, especially for a lazy blogger like me!

But I did learn some lessons. First, blogging is damn hard work, and I salute all of you who do it so regularly and make it look so effortless!  Second, I have noticed that I do have  a readership, and I hope that I can satisfy you.  Third, there are lots of interesting things to talk about on my “boring” subject of practicing law as an American in Hong Kong (well, this is what this blog has evolved into).

I am also happy to have just launched a Q&A column, where I plan to get my inspiration from you, dear readers.  I hope I do a good job and that more of you will ask more questions.


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