Q&A: OLQE Application Education Requirements

Here’s my second installment in answering reader questions.  JP (again) wrote:

For filling in the application form on educational background – did the ordinary US law school curriculum on Constitutional Law suffice for the part on “Equity” and “Constitutional and Administrative Law”?

Another good technical question that I too found difficult.  But relax – because you and I are not the only ones who thought this an odd one.  Perhaps this question makes more sense if you had a more typical Commonwealth law education, but for us Americans, we learn elements of Equity (torts, contracts, corporations, property, etc.) and Constitutional and Administrative Law (constitutional law, and then any variety of classes, including employment law, securities, etc.) in a variety of classes, and not a specific class.  So I asked this question directly to the Law Society and they were so kind to show me a redacted letter from my very law school suggesting just this regarding a prior aplicant.

How very useful!  So from there, I just forwarded this letter to my law school, and they prepared a fresh one for me.

So JP, and others facing this question, you can readily mock up a similar letter for your law school to sign to, or ask the Law Society for one such sample letter.  It seems so long as your law school verifies this notion, you are good to go.

Good luck!


One response to “Q&A: OLQE Application Education Requirements

  1. Thanks so much again for your help on this.

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