I <3 Wing On!

I was just checking out the opening hours for my favorite Hong Kong department store Wing On when I chanced upon this sweet little NYT blog entry on the very same subject!  I share it with you for its little bit of history on its founder, who came to Hong Kong to revolutionize the local shopping world with what little he earned selling produce in Australia! Amazing!

And since 1907, this little store has grown and grown and offers us fair prices for wonderful goods to this day!  That’s right — from 1907, through 2008, when the NYT blogger wrote about her time in Hong Kong, to 2012, where I repeat every sentiment! 

But wait, there’s more – do read the comments for more interesting tidbits of knowledge! And I’ll agree with one commenter that there are SOME clothes you can buy here that isn’t of a singular fashion sense — though I admit, it’s my first stop when I think of buying clothes for my grandma!

The basement indeed is the best part of Wing On — I can linger in here for HOURS.  Not only do they have fantastic items not to be found in the West, like the cutest ceramic food storage containers (think of your zip-loc plastic storage boxes, but made of beautifully decorated porcelain!), but wonderful food items from around the world – including the most extensive collection of vegetarian mock meats I’ve ever seen in one freezer!

So for all you new arrivals, or any of you who have simply not been , or, as the  NYT blogger suggests, any tourists who want a total HK view of shopping, go to Wing On!!


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