Hong Kong and the PARAlympics 2012!

While the Paralympics is often overshadowed by it’s big brother, the Olympics, I am pleased to say it is regarded quite highly in Hong Kong. Hong Kong bested its 3 Olympic medals by 4 times with TWELVE Paralympic medals, including 3 in wheelchair fencing! In contrast, the U.S. got 98 Paralympic medals, 6 shy of its Olympic medal count. China came out on top in the Paralympics 2012 with a whopping 231. I’m not sure why Hong Kong does so much better in the Paralympics vs the Olympics — is it because of strong funding and support for the Paras? Luck? History? Not sure — but I think all nations should want their Paralympians to do as well as their Olympians, and I have to admit, I’m a bit disapopinted that the US did not do better in the Paras! Knowing how important funding is for competitive athletes to succeed, I can only draw the conclusion that the US does not support their paralympic athletes enough. But go Hong Kong — that’s a wonderful result, and hopefully you’ll do even better in BOTH the Paras and Olympics next time!


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