Year 3 Hong Kong Highlights

Further to my annual review, I thought I should post some of top Hong Kong experiences in Year THREE. These are all experiences of mine in Hong Kong:

(1) First Lantau Hike Ever – My friend Phil is a frequent visitor to Hong Kong. He’s a traveling salesman of sorts (he sells this high-tech x-ray diffraction device), and is responsible for sales in Asia, so it’s no wonder that he’d be in and out of Hong Kong frequently. Phil is a nature lover, so whenever possible I take Phil on a wonderful Hong Kong hike to show him HK’s gorgeous natural side. The mountains on Lantau are something else, so I’d always shied away from hikes on this island. But on one of Phil’s visits, decided that we were safe in numbers and we proceeded from Keung Shan all the way to Tai O.

(2) Tai O and the Pink Dolphins – On that very hike we ended up in the historic fishing village of Tai O, where I saw the stilt houses and even mudskippers. Best of all – we got on a HK$20 speedboat and saw the famed pink dolphins of Hong Kong!

(3) Dragon Boating! I’d always heard of dragon boating, but never done it. Joining a bigger firm has a variety of benefits – the biggest would be corporate team sports, and dragon boating is big in HK!

(4) Learned How to Swim! My greatest accomplishment in HK yet would have to be learning to swim. I joined the very affordable swim classes offered by the Law Society Recreation Programme and with a very patient instructor and the wonderful public pools of HK, where entry is just HK$19, finally finally learned to swim!

(5) Karoke HK Style – Another byproduct of joining a larger company in Hong Kong is group karaoke! I had karaoked in HK before, but only with expats. This time I experienced it with a mix of people, including HK locals. And so I heard lots of Canto/Mando-pop and learned how to play the dice game – a classic karaoke accompaniment in HK.

(6) Hairy Crab! I also finally got to eat this seasonal cuisine last Fall – which is the season for hairy crab. What makes it special is the yellow stuff. Not sure what that yellow stuff is though. It may be a Shanghai delicacy, but HKers go crazy for the stuff.

(7) Four Seasons Dim Sum – to carry on with the food highlights, I’d have to say lunch with my sister and newly-minted brother-in-law at the famous 3-Michelin starred Chinese restaurant at the Four Seasons, Lung King Heen, was a top experience of the year.

(8) Tried Wakeboarding – the key word is TRY. Wakeboarding is all the rage in HK, and everyone loves waking in the summers. I finally tried it, and learned it is not for me! I may now know how to swim, but water torture is still water torture to me!

(9) Bruce Lee on the Avenue of the Stars – for a big touristy thing, it’s odd that it took until now to see Bruce Lee (and others) on the Avenue of the Stars. But oh well – it was good fun that I can check off here in year 3.

With 9 being an auspicious Chinese number – I’ll leave it at that. Those were some top experiences in Year 3. Let’s see what Year 4 brings (thought 4 is an unlucky number in Chinese!!).


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