Terrible News in Hong Kong

October brings the legal community some very sad news.  TWO trainees passed away this month.  One, at the very young age of 27, collapsed in the middle of completing a triathlon in Disneyland, the other – well, read on.

The other, a Canadian who just recently turned 23, met his end as a result of some incredibly ill-advised behavior.  Upon returning home from a birthday celebration, he realized he forgot his keys and was locked out.  Normally not a huge deal, especially since he has a roommate.

This night he was less lucky, because the roommate, who was preoccupied webchatting with his girlfriend, did not hear the trainee’s knocking at the door. The trainee then decided to climb up to the roof (this was not a giant highrise, but still at least 6 or so stories, as are the shortest buildings are in HK) and make his way down to his apartment by scaling the wall from outside!

This poor judgment is just so terrible, I cannot imagine anyone doing it drunk or not – but that is what this poor boy did, which led him to his demise. I could not get over my initial shock at the stupidity of this decision!

Worse – the news reporting on this incident was just so gory! I heard the Apple Daily was more of a tabloid than a newspaper, but its reporting on the story not only includes a photo of the deceased splayed on the sidewalk (to be fair, he is covered by a sheet, but his leg is in plain view), but there is a computer generated animation simulating what probably happened included!  For anyone who would like to take a brave look, you can click here.

This degree of sensationalism may sell, but it’s just so terribly disrespectful to the deceased – no matter how stupid the cause of death may be! So when I say “terrible news,” I’m not just referring to the sad death of the trainee.


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