Law Society Annual Cocktails

Last night was the Law Society’s Annual Cocktail event, which was hosted at the Hong Kong Club – Hong Kong’s oldest private club (Hong Kong is all about the private club, and anyone who’s been in Hong Kong long enough will be a member of something – whether it be the Ladies Recreation Club, the Foreign Correspondent’s Club, the China Club, the American Club, etc.).  The event was pretty packed, and though I haven’t been practicing law in Hong Kong that long, I recognized a few familiar faces – including a couple of judges too. 

The food was not bad – definitely get the dim sum and the mini samosas, and the wine was free flowing. 

But I was most hopeful of getting a glimpse of the recently elected Chief Executive, CY Leung! I received a fax just a few hours before the event informing me that the Chief Executive “has agreed to grace us with his presence” for 20 minutes. 

I got to the event at the appointed time, but at most saw what may have been the back of his head!  I was really hopeful of posting a photo here of Mr. Leung.

He may be terribly unpopular (I’ve seen footage where masses of people just won’t even allow him out of his car to attend talks), but it’s still always interesting to see what heads of state look like in real life.

Oh well, maybe next time.  In any case, it was useful to attend the event and interesting to see such a huge turn-out.  If you’re a member of the Law Society, whether as a registered foreign lawyer or aHong Kong solicitor, it’s worth coming down to check it out.  At the very least, the siu mai is quite delicious at the Hong Kong Club!


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