Being Struck Off the Roll!

I have come to appreciate how difficult the process is in Hong Kong to become admitted as a solicitor – whether it is via the OLQE or the ordinary route.  Being able to sign onto the Roll of Solicitors is a great honor and privilege, that does not come without obligations!

Today, while browing the weekly Law Society Notes, I saw a notice we rarely see – a notice to strike a solicitor off the rolls! It read:



An order made by a Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal on 11 October 2012 was published in the Government Gazette by the Registrar of the High Court on 15 October 2012 under G.N. 6842.  Under the Tribunal’s order, Yen Hau Ming Anna was struck off from the Roll of Solicitors.

Now what could this woman have done to deserve this form of solicitor death in Hong Kong? A simple google search reviews this lady, without remorse or excuse, had embezzled over HK$2 million from personal injury claims and property transactions!

The lawyer represented herself and was absolutely unable to defend herself, even calling a character witness who had never even met her!

She ended up with a 45 months jail sentence! This was back in April 2011.

Perhaps it was  appeals procedures that caused delay, but almost 1.5 years later, she is now struck off the rolls!


2 responses to “Being Struck Off the Roll!

  1. I wonder if she is out by now and what she is doing. A simple search of her name still have her come up as a current solicitor on different websites.

  2. Please let me know if you hear more about this solicitor.

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