Young Again

When I lived in the much more diverse NY, my Asian genes led me to be young just about every day.  Asian are blessed with youthful looks (which can also backfire when you tire of getting carded or asked by a truancy officer why you aren’t in school!). Most people always thought I was younger than I was, and it would feel nice. I recall one time when I was in my mid-20s, being mistaken for a teenager even!

It’s true – that happened to me once in Hong Kong too, but I don’t really take that instance too seriously — I was in a bar where some underage teenagers were having a birthday party, and apparently the cops were coming around, and one of those kids came up to me to “warn” me. I mainly thought it was funny.

But generally, while living in the predominantly Chinese Hong Kong, I am rarely considered “young”.  Indeed, now I start worrying about looking “old” for the first time!

Tonight I got a touch of feeling young again though, when a middle-aged local mistook me for a trainee! When I told him I was not, he thought I had to be pretty junior at my firm nonetheless, but I chuckled politely. I’ll admit it felt good.


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