Happy Thanksgiving Hong Kong!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Once again I am here and not there, where we had been in the habit of gathering at my mom’s cousin’s house for Thanksgivings, and in addition to the usual fixin’s of turkey, ham, corn, baked potatoes and yams, we’d also have Chinese style shrimp with the skin on, my uncle’s famous by-the-box baked ziti, and Chinese soup and dim sum.  Now that’s some Thanksgiving!

This year I’m lucky to find friends willing to partake in these customs (maybe not so much the untraditional foods we’d have), but mainly getting together for a big food-coma-tastic meal.  And among us are only 3 Americans, but no matter – anyone can give thanks no matter where they are or what nationality they are.

Thanksgiving also reminds me of shopping, with the big Black Friday sales looming the next day.  I’ve never partaken ins uch scary shopping, but it made me wonder what Hong Kong might be like if there were ever such a thing! I fear the danger of stampedes and claustrophobia would easily quadruple, if not more! I already feel those threats just about anytime I’m in Causeway Bay!


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