First Wedding in HK

I suppose you’ve finally arrived in Hong Kong when you can say you’ve been invited to and have attended a wedding in HK.  That day finally came for me a few weeks ago, and while it wasn’t a very traditional wedding (neither of the bride nor groom were from HK, and the styling of the wedding was almost 100% Western), there were some very Asian aspects.

Upon arrival, you checked in and could leave your red envelope.  I’d previously been advised that there was a fixed expectation as to how much there should be in that red envelope depending on where the reception venue was (HK$1,000 for fancy hotels, HK$800 for most other banquet halls).  And if you forgot to bring your envelope, no worries, extras were not too far away at the check-in table.

Also upon arrival, you could find a beautiful photo book of pictures the bride and groom had taken with a professional photographer weeks earlier. This is a very Asian custom, though it clearly crosses cultures. There were also little photo cards guests could choose to take home.  This little photo memento seems to be more aligned with Taiwanese wedding practices, but I could see how some people would especially appreciate it, whereas, I unfortunately did not.

The ceremony was secular and took place outdoors, facing the South China Sea from the South side of Hong Kong Island.  The weather was perfectly cooperative, though a tiny bit hot, but the overall atmosphere reminded me of a wedding I attended in Hawaii a few years ago.  I sat there thinking how beautiful Hong Kong can be and how dreamy and romantic the moment was despite being in one of the busiest cities in the world.

The food was Western but in addition to the individually selected courses, there was also an appetizer and dessert buffet.  Again – not really a Chinese thing, but definitely a hit among the buffet loving Hong Kongers!

The dance session was not very popular, but the bride’s “Eurasian” qipao was a hit – there was an incredibly low and sexy back, but the material was an off-white almost beige colored lace – and not at all the traditional red silk.

I really enjoyed this wedding and wish the couple the very best.  They are an inspiration of love and hopefully I’ll get invited to a few more weddings in life


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