CDotD: Body Check Required to Work in China

A colleague from our Shanghai office rolled into town to complete his visa application to work in China, and was lamenting at how exhausting the procedure was.  I jokingly suggested that China needed bloodwork before they could let him through – and it turned out that was no joke! He actually DID need to provide blood for testing to complete his application for a work permit.  The purpose of it was primarily to ensure that he did not have AIDS.

But not only did he have to have his blood tested, but he also had to hook up to an EKG and get an ultrasound.  What they were testing, I have no idea.

I suppose I could see a reason to bar a person with AIDS from entering the country, but what about someone who was just not in good health? Why did they need to do all those other tests? And what could they discover from an ultrasound (of a male) that might be suspect??


One response to “CDotD: Body Check Required to Work in China

  1. I thought doing business in California was bad….

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