Crazy HK Names

Once again HK names give me a chuckle… am reading some correspondence and find two names that strike me – the first is “Candy” — ok, fine, not really a funny name, especially where it is an abbreviation for Candace. The second one to follow, “Pizza.”

Having lived in HK long enough, I’m not THAT surprised that someone would call himself (or herself) Pizza (I recently watched a movie where a character had an English name “Underwear”), but that Pizza followed Candyjust gave it that little extra bit of humor. If only there were a few more food names, maybe “Kumquat” or “Jellybean”, and that would have really made my day!


One response to “Crazy HK Names

  1. These names are fairly tame. Worst I have come across was Clitoris. No, not kidding. Yes a female.

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