Time is Flying!

Shocking – I have not posted anything in more than two months, and the year is fast coming to an end. Just last week my office building put up its Christmas decorations, and this morning I heard Christmas tunes in the building muzac. What is going on?

A part of me is not as inspired to write. I admit I am coming to a confused stage in Hong Kong. I am trying to love life here as much as I did four years ago, and yet something about these four years of excitement and adventures have also left me a bit tired. Since my falling fita, I have been thinking a lot more about me just pre-Hong Kong, and have been reading my old diaries from 08-09.

My frame of mind was very different then, and I can see easily why it was that I came to moving (the initial reason for blogging), no matter how sudden and seemingly out-of-the-blue it was. I really needed a drastic change in my life to help me feel myself again after so much sadness and stress.  Something inside me pre-Hong Kong was dying or had gone dormant.  What that was I cannot say, but it was something that just fed me the energy to live life normally.

So packing everything up to go to the other side of the planet on a seeming whim made sense – jumping into all this newness and challenging myself in new ways drove new life into me.  I was then inspired to seek out a sort of regularity, starting with a gym membership, then an apartment, and finally a job (which I truly adore).  I was in a relationship for almost 3 of those 4 years, and started to become a homebody, though I was not sure if I was really “home” yet.

Anyhow, after the relationship ran its course, and after I came out of my post-relationship introversion, followed by this summer’s great loss, I’ve started to come out again in search of exploration and excitement in this city that never lacks of either.  It has been wonderful, especially as I become close to friends here in a way that I hadn’t in my first four years.

And now here we are, on the verge of Thanksgiving (which I still celebrate here in Asia), with holiday songs and holiday cocktail parties all around, time it just flying so fast!

So what’s the point of this post? Just a rambling, and perhaps a minor apology.  I’ve been out and about living Hong Kong life with yet another pair of eyes now – not as the wide-eyed newcomer, not as an acclimatized homebody, but more as a seasoned resident at 4.25 years, if I’m allowed to say so. So forgive these gaps – I’ll try to catch the blog up with my happenings soon.



5 responses to “Time is Flying!

  1. Got to read your blogs when i was searching for the reading materials for my students on blood donation. i was impressed when i read this one, as it somehow has expressed the feelings i am having right now in Hong Kong. but i didn’t get time to write them down. anyway, good luck on your journey in Hong Kong.

  2. Hi

    Thank you for your blog, it makes for good reading and is very insightful in an area where there doesn’t seem to be all that much information.

    I believe I am in (maybe) a similar place to where you were when you first decided to write this blog. I am a South African attorney 2 years PQE specialising in commercial law but I have had my hand in quiet a few fields.

    I find myself yearning to experience something different – practise, culture, city, life etc. I’ve been able to somewhat narrow my potential destinations to just two options, which I was hoping to get some guidance or advise on.

    I’m considering practising in either New York or Hong Kong. Obviously one of my objectives is to gain international business experience all the while gaining even more important life experiences…

    Since you lived and worked in both of the above places I was wondering what you opinion, advise to someone in my position is.

    Given I will have to gain admission to either of the respective Bars (I am familiar to some extent with both their respective requirements).

    Hope to hear back from you soon.

    My email: benjamingordon@hotmail.com

    • Hi Benjamin – always nice to hear positive feedback. To be honest, this is a personal decision with dozens of considerations that I can’t advise on. They are very different places despite constantly being compared. Maybe your best thing to do is to visit both cities for some recon. But if that’s not an option, you can always just go with you gut and just show up with a few bags as I did! I’ll plan to write more about this in a future post. Interesting topic, so stay tuned.

  3. Hey thanks for the response..

    I take your point.

    Do you think it’s reasonable to believe that by living in HK I could learn Mandarin (even though Cantonese is more widely spoken) in a reasonable amount of time (given that it would take months of disciplined study)..

    i.o.w would there be a benefit to choosing HK in this regard?

    • Hi Benjamin – Mandarin is not spoken widely enough in HK that it would be any different from learning Mandarin from New York (where there are plenty of Mandarin speakers, but isn’t a normal part of the culture). Chinese – whether Cantonese or Mandarin – is a hard language. I honestly cannot say what it would take to become “fluent” because even after close to ten years of studying Mandarin, picking up Cantonese from my family and now my HK environs, I would not consider myself fluent by any stretch, though I definitely can communicate to a large extent. If learning Mandarin is your priority but you don’t want to live in the Mainland (understandably) – how about trying Taiwan? And if you are too fearful to go someplace with next to no English, you may try Singapore.

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