Monthly Archives: July 2014


The legal sector went out and marched, and today (or tonight – as the protestors continue on through the night), Hong Kongers came out in droves.  HKers come out to march every July 1, handover day, but this time it’s special, in light of the recent white paper. The police and “officials”, whoever they are, are saying the count is in the tens of thousands (around 90,000), but the protestors say their last official count was 510,000.

Looking at some of the images captured throughout the day – I am inclined to go with the protestors’ camp.

I keep refreshing the SCMP’s live feed of the events, and was watching some live stream from the scene of the protest.  It’s amazing. I found myself almost moved to tears a few times during some of the earlier protests, watching the passion, and even now, as the numbers dwindle, and protestors are being arrested, I am still glued to the situation – even if my Chinese is not that good.

I am proud of Hong Kong.  I am proud to have been among them for so many years.  I am watching with fear as it becomes more and more self-evident that Hong Kong is facing an all-out war for whatever it has left.

This is just a quick post to say that I’m watching and supporting you Hong Kong.