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Day 6 of Occupy Hong Kong, and the Heat is On

Of course I’ve been following the events as they unfold in Hong Kong carefully – it’s similar to the time of the Boston Marathon bombings, and I felt equally as gripped and insistent on knowing everything first hand.  Instead of twitter, I turn to reddit for up-to-date news this time.

Facebook also continues to be where I turn to first thing to see what’s being posted, and I am proud to say many of my friends have been involved first-hand.  One friend sadly experienced the tear gas that incited the greater turn-outs on Oct 1st, and today I feel myself tearing up as I see footage of the violence that is finally unleashing – not by the peaceful students of Scholarism or HKFS, or even the Occupy Central group, but by those against them – now sporting blue ribbons in solidarity.

The violence is so extreme, and yet the police don’t seem to be reacting to them – there’s no tear gas or pepper spray here, where actual assaults are occurring, often targeting young students.  It is outrageous and frightening.

Change is painful – no matter what that change is for, it is never easy; so while I feel bad that the Hang Seng continues to drop, and local businesses are losing millions over these past few days, that transport is rerouted, and basic services and needs like hospitalization and emergency services may also suffer – this moment in time is special, and HK has it in her to endure it and come out stronger.

I am a pessimist when it comes to China – I’ve often spoken here and elsewhere of my negative outlook; and I can’t imagine what Xi Jinping can do now without tripping all of China up – but I am hoping.

To my one-time home (with hopes of it being a two-time home certainly dwindling), I am doing all I can from New York to support you – I’m wearing my yellow ribbon (without fear of being attacked, as many are in HK); I’ve attended a rally in support of your cause in Times Square, and I’m sharing as many posts on social media as I can to spread the news.  Stay true Hong Kong!