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Last Travels of the Year…Scouting Out a New Move?

October has been a busy month of travels for me.  I’ve visited friends and family in DC, Virginia, Boston, Tucson and now LA.  Luckily for me, I have been able to combine a significant amount of that travel with work, as my multi-office firm has locations (sometimes more than one) in a whole lot of cities across the US and I also have had the flexibility to work from anywhere I please.

America is an amazing country, and I know there is still so much for me to see.  Up in Boston I enjoyed revisiting my old college campus, noting how nerds never change, and admiring the gorgeous colors of the Autumn leaves that you never see in a sub-tropical place like Hong Kong.  In DC I loved the preppiness of all the wannabe politicos working in our great capitol.  In Tucson I was in complete awe of the incredible flora of the Southwest and definitely plan to revisit in the not too distant future.

And now I am in LA, and really surprised by just how much I like it! I mean traditionally New Yorkers hate Los Angeles, and vice versa, but c’mon, I’ve lived in Hong Kong for the past 5 years, of course I am going to completely fall in love with any city with warmer temperatures, the mountains and the sea within reach, and loads of Asian people.  And even better – there’s no humidity and relatively less pollution (I know it’s still one of the worst in the US, but sorry, LA pollution  ain’t got nothing on just about any Chinese city).

I’ve barely gone out to check out normal life here, but there is something about sunshine that seems to make life that much more bearable.  So far as I can tell, there is just this lightness at the office that makes me take notice of the weightiness of NY corporate life and understand why everyone keeps saying California is that much more chilled out.  And as I already mentioned, I just love that as I walk down the hall I keep seeing Asian surname after Asian surname.  Plus, if you really can’t deal with the traffic, the empty offices suggest no one will force you to deal with it either!

Is it crazy that I could totally see myself living here? I suppose once you’ve picked up and moved one time, you are a lot more susceptible or open to doing it again.  So far as I can tell I’ve got everything I could need here – amazing weather, nature within reach, delicious and healthy food, and loads of Asians, BUT, and it’s a big one, horrific nearly non-existent public transport.

Could I really go from max efficiency (HK) to the walking city of NY to this?! I don’t know… but if the trade-up is beautiful weather, a laid back working environment, and being within reach of incredible beaches and mountains… well, let’s just say my mind is open.