The End of Occupy… For Now

Having written a few posts on the Occupy Hong Kong protests, I thought it responsible to round it out and mention the uneventful end of the movement, 75 days later.  The whole thing just seemed to lose direction, focus, and steam.

  • The three main leaders of the movement apparently turned themselves in (but were not detained).
  • Public sentiment was not supportive of the movement, as businesses lost money.
  • Joshua Wong, the main face of the student movement, went on hunger strike, but had to quit after 4.5 days at his doctor’s insistence.
  • The government continued to do basically nothing.

Did something come out of all this? We can all still wonder.  There had been international attention – but not enough to really do anything. Even China turning away British politicians attempting to visit HK to investigate the protest situation sadly resulted in nothing.

And I admit, I also lost enthusiasm in following the current events.

75 days in, HK Police finally cleared out the protest camps, but signs were left saying the movement would be back.  Will they?

In the days since the clear-out, new signs (like the first banner that lasted on Lion Rock for just a short while) of an ongoing flame carry on, but who knows now what will be.  And commentary continues to be published in Hong Kong and elsewhere about how the public’s discontent in other areas, such as housing, must be addressed.

I head to HK in a few weeks again, actually, and am sorry to have missed the protest sites and the improved air pollution situation.  But perhaps there will be another chance to see a democracy movement in HK, since I doubt 200 square foot flats (at exorbitant prices no less) can cure the burning desire for “true universal suffrage.”


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