Letting Go

I’ve been writing quite a lot about reasons why I left Hong Kong (here and here), and I do this because I really need to reinforce my thought process behind this big decision, and more importantly, I need to let go.

Since moving back, I’ve already gone back to HK twice — TWICE! It’s not even been a year! I was clinging onto so much of my HK life, it was just not healthy.

It was in my last trip to HK that I realized at last how much I needed to let go – and so I have been doing that and working harder on reconnecting with everything that has to do with me and my life in NY.

Today I took yet another big step – I deleted my kayak flight alert to HK.  I had months ago created a flight alert to tell me whenever flights from NY to HK were under $900…. just in case I really needed to get a touch of HK THAT badly. That’s kind of ridiculous, but I did that.

But today I logged into kayak.com and deleted that alert.  No no, I won’t be making any spur of the moment trips to HK just because I have to have me some wonton noodles.  I will just wait til a trip is really needed, and then search for tickets like normal people.


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