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(Not Quite) In the News… Protest in Central on Sunday August 21, 2011

I’ve complained in the past that I did not feel the Hong Kong people were vocal enough about their identity and sovereignty, especially with China constantly encroaching, but on Sunday I came across this:

I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about, especially with most of the signage and protest cries in Chinese, but once I crossed the street, I stayed a few minutes to try to ascertain.  Maybe this photo does a better job:

Basically, many of the slogans say, “Reject the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).”  Unfortunately, I was running late for a cocktail making class, and didn’t have the time to observe this peaceful protest further to get any better of an understanding.  I did notice it carried on for quite a while, and included traditional Chinese drummers and some traditional Chinese music playing from speakers, in addition to bohorn-powered slogan chanting. 

Today I tried to find something in the news on it, and only saw something about a journalists’ protest earlier in the week, concerning the restrictions on media when China’s Li Keqiang paid a visit.

I also would say that it’s a pity that the bulk of this protesting was in Chinese (both the signs and the spoken slogans), since I’m sure it’s something worth putting non-Chinese understanding expats (and even tourists) on notice about.

So this leads me to think two things: 1) I’ve underestimated the passion of Hong Kong people, and 2) I wonder if news of this sort of protest tends to get silenced?

Anyone with leads, please comment here – PLEASE!