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Christmas Begins!

The year-end has just snuck up on us and I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week and lo and behold, I walk into the office today and Christmas trees and other decorations are up!

I heard that IFC (the Batman building to some of you) put up Christmas decorations up last week, and I saw some more at this residential building on my walk home, but not until I saw it here in my office building did I start to feel the “too soon!” instinct.

It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas.

It is too soon, and I doubt that this is happening in America yet, as the Black Friday post-Thanksgiving is usually when the Christmas rush begins.  In a sense, it starts when the shops want people shopping, and I guess for Hong Kongers, that can be anytime!

But that’s right – Christmas easily starts in the first week of November, even though it will never feel Christmas cold here!