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You Asked – I’m Answering! Seeking a Head IV Exemption

I have noticed a slowly increasing readership of my blog, but primarily for the purposes of following some of my practice pointers on becoming admitted in Hong Kong.  Many of you have asked me specific questions on my “About” page, and I have tried to answer some there.  But now I wonder if it might be useful to take some of those questions and answer them generally in individual posts.  Plus, it gets a bit cumbersome to scroll through all those Q&As on the About page.

So here goes my first such Q&A –

JP asked:

What sort of explanation you were able to use to obtain an exemption from Head IV (Accounts & Professional Conduct)? I have been a practicing corporate/commercial lawyer for the past 4.5 years and was toying with the idea of taking the QLQE next year. I’m hoping to be able to obtain the exemption for everything except for the Conveyancing Head.

At the time I did my aplpication, I had no guidance as to how to draft my exemptions letter.  I tried searching all over the internet for examples, but to no avail, so I hope that my advice here helps.

As to Head IV on Accounts & Professional Conduct, I kept it pretty simple. First, I cited all my reference letters, which I of course also drafted for my referrers, as evidence of my experience, knowledge and training generally. 

Then I attached copies of CLE certificates for all ethics related courses, and reminded the Law Society of my continual obligation to receive regular training on the subject.

And that was that! It doesn’t seem to be a head that mandates a high threshold to achieve an exemption, despite it being one of the harder heads to pass.  Or perhaps I was just extremely lucky. 

Anyone else able to write in on what worked for them?

And JP – good luck!  Do let me (and anyone else watching) know if this works for you too, and how things go generally!